Urgent Response From Mr. Ahmed Yusuf Ghadaffi.

Dear Sir,
With a heart of grief and pain I sincerely come to plead with you to comply with me and grant me audience in my present circumstance. I am Ahmed Yusuf Ghadaffi a cousin to the late President Muammar Al Ghadaffi, Right now I am in united state of America and i have lived in united state of America for the past 30yrs.
I need your assistance in transferring the sum of 7 Million United State Dollars into your account with immediate effect this funds is deposited in Bank of Africa in Ghana the sharing ration will be 60% for me and 50% for you once you make this transfer a success, please I need your cooperation to get this funds into your account for security purpose in respect to my family present condition in Libya, i will also want you to help me to use my own share of the money to buy me a property in Dubai because i want invest this money in properties and i know you will help me by doing that.
Please forward to me your vital details in other for us to conclude this transaction with immediate effect and the fund will be  into your account in your
Country so that I can be able to come and meet with you once this fund get into your account  i will come and met with you in Dubai.
I wait for your immediate response once you received this email.
Call +1 940-238-6093
Email me:ahmedyusufghadaffi2013@yahoo.com
Mr. Ahmed Yusuf Ghadaffi.

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